We’ve Updated our Website!

From Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Feiler

For your convenience… We Have Updated our Website to View Courses by Both “Date” and/or  by “Topic”!!!
        – You can as usual find and view courses by our traditional dated chronological calendar.
         –  But with so many courses per year we found attendees have needed an easier way to find a type of course topic they desire and also see if it is offered multiple times during the year.
         –  So you can now  find and view courses from a list of topics … after choosing the topic, a listing of all the courses in that topic/subject area come up from the whole year grouped together in date order.
         –  In either method you can click any course you are interested in to expand to a full course description, speaker bio, testimonial and tuition.
         –  Visit the website to see how you can find the courses you want more easily now!

More Implant Dentistry Courses!

From Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Feiler

In answer to the many requests for more courses on Implant Dentistry, we have increased and added many new courses and speakers this year:
       We have added a new course, “Successful Immediate Implant Placement and Loading” with Dr Scott Ganz!  
       – This 7 hour course is being presented on Sunday, May 22nd. 
        – As a special for NJHPDI attendees this course is being offered at half the price of a similar implant course by Dr Ganz offered in Chicago at the time of the Chicago Dental Society Meeting this past February.
         –  And in addition … we are offering an early signup of $100 off to help make it even more affordable to our attendees who sign up early.
        We also have Dr Daniel Pompa’s “Apical Surgery vs. Implants:  To Pull or Not To Pull“on Friday, April 29th.
        We also have a new 7 hour hands on version of Dr Jon Suzuki’s course, “Peri-Implantitis:  Etiologies and Potential Therapies” in September, 2016.
       The hands on portion will be a first time hands on course for attendees to practice treatment techniques of the various levels of peri-implantitis!!      
       (The course description on our website will be updated in the next few weeks to show the hands on portion and new tuition.) 
       Additional new Hands On Implant Dentistry courses are upcoming in 2016 with Dr Scott Ganz and other new nationally known speakers and will be added to our website schedule of courses within the next few weeks!

Oral/IV Sedation Update

From Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Feiler

April greetings once again to everyone!

In answer to requests for a HANDS ON version of Dr Mel Hawkin’s Oral/IV Sedation course:

– We have changed it now into one fantastic new 7 hour hands on course! 
– And … the Hands On Portion will be done in treatment rooms! 
– What’s more we are offering this soon on SUNDAY (April 17th)
– This course is limited attendance and is now alreadt 2/3 full.

Dr Hawkins has presented many times at NJHPDI over the years to rave reviews.
An international lecturer, Dr Hawkins is one of the top lecturers in dental anesthesiology in both the United States and Canada!!

“Dr. Hawkins is motivated and extremely knowledgeable in technique and subject matter. He also has a great sense of humor.” – Dr. Figueredo, North Bergen, NJ “Dr. Hawkins kept everyone interested in the course from beginning to end.” – Dr. Gilberto Nunez, Kingston, NY
“Best sedation course yet!” – Dr. Mark Scott, Cherry Hill, NJ
For more testimonials and a full course description or to register, go to our website at http://www.njhpdi.com

Hope to hear from you and see you soon,

Dr. Kenneth Feiler


From Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Feiler

Greetings to all our past attendees and to our future new attendees at NJHPDI. We hope this new year has been healthy and happy for you. I plan to once again keep up my news updates of events and developments as well as my popular practice tips and other news.

Practice Tip: Initial photos!!

Make sure for all new patients you take a full set of patient photographs. These are invaluable and you will always have a set of “before” photos to go back to! I treat this like medical histories as we do periodic updates of changes in medical histories, we also are doing photo updates when things change such as trauma or wear or treatment performed elsewhere. We are of course also doing after photos after performing new treatment on patients.

These are so useful to point out to patients what has changed facially, intraorally and on both soft and hard tissues, for insurance, for consults, for answering phone queries from patients, legally and for marketing in case you or your staff forget to take a before photo the day of treatment. Remember you can always get a get a patient back for another “after” photo, but those “before” photos not taken are missed opportunities.

We will have more tips on photography in dental practice along with many other new practice tips.

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NEW Course: The Science of Dental Fear

The advent of a new course is always an exciting experience for both us and our attendees, and “The Science of Dental Fear” was no exception!

Dr. Larry Sangrik took a very scientific approach in identifying the nature of fear & the root causes of it. This opened the floor for attendees to draw on their personal experiences in the dental office. The participants discussing their cases in retrospect caused them to look through things from the patient’s perspective, now with a greater understanding of what made the patients apprehensive.

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You Spoke & We Listened! What’s New in 2016

If you’ve taken one of our courses before, you know that we love hearing how we can improve our current courses & what topics you’d like us to give courses on in the future. We listened to your input and have worked hard to get new speakers, new courses, and add new information to existing courses.

As of now, we have over 70 courses scheduled in 2016, a number that will increase as the year goes. Added to this list of courses are 12 new speakers & 20 brand new courses. We’re pretty proud of our new and improved courses; with these, we work with our past lecturers to incorporate attendee feedback to improve the course based on your input.

We have added 12 new speakers to the schedule. New programs (multiple courses) are also being added in the fields of TMD/Oral Facial Pain, Implantology, and Cosmetics.

As of 2016 we are implementing an outreach program where we can customize continuing education and training for individual practices. This entails our NJHPDI staff traveling to dentists offices around the area and working alongside the staff of these dental practices to provide personalized continuing education to those offices. We hope this endeavor enhances the skill set of everyone in the dental practice, be it the doctors, assistants, hygienists, or the administrative staff.

We’re optimistic that we will see many more faces in our facility in 2016. With our new courses that will suit everyone in the office staff, we hope to work with practices to expand their ability and improve their skills so everyone has continuing education that best benefits them. For more details about courses (dates, subjects, pricing, etc), check out our website!

A Quick Trip to Bethesda, Maryland

At NJHPDI, we pride ourselves on delivering top notch continuing education courses to dental health professionals from our North Jersey location in River Edge. However, because we know some of our participants drive from long distances and because we want to continue giving high quality education to professionals from other areas, we’re making our way to Bethesda, MD between Friday May 15th and Saturday May 16th. We were there last year and we can’t wait to return. During our time there, we will have two dynamic speakers giving two comprehensive and beneficial hands on courses. To read about our course topics, the hotel, credit information, and all other details, read after the cut! 🙂

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