You Spoke & We Listened! What’s New in 2016

If you’ve taken one of our courses before, you know that we love hearing how we can improve our current courses & what topics you’d like us to give courses on in the future. We listened to your input and have worked hard to get new speakers, new courses, and add new information to existing courses.

As of now, we have over 70 courses scheduled in 2016, a number that will increase as the year goes. Added to this list of courses are 12 new speakers & 20 brand new courses. We’re pretty proud of our new and improved courses; with these, we work with our past lecturers to incorporate attendee feedback to improve the course based on your input.

We have added 12 new speakers to the schedule. New programs (multiple courses) are also being added in the fields of TMD/Oral Facial Pain, Implantology, and Cosmetics.

As of 2016 we are implementing an outreach program where we can customize continuing education and training for individual practices. This entails our NJHPDI staff traveling to dentists offices around the area and working alongside the staff of these dental practices to provide personalized continuing education to those offices. We hope this endeavor enhances the skill set of everyone in the dental practice, be it the doctors, assistants, hygienists, or the administrative staff.

We’re optimistic that we will see many more faces in our facility in 2016. With our new courses that will suit everyone in the office staff, we hope to work with practices to expand their ability and improve their skills so everyone has continuing education that best benefits them. For more details about courses (dates, subjects, pricing, etc), check out our website!


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