From Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Feiler

Greetings to all our past attendees and to our future new attendees at NJHPDI. We hope this new year has been healthy and happy for you. I plan to once again keep up my news updates of events and developments as well as my popular practice tips and other news.

Practice Tip: Initial photos!!

Make sure for all new patients you take a full set of patient photographs. These are invaluable and you will always have a set of “before” photos to go back to! I treat this like medical histories as we do periodic updates of changes in medical histories, we also are doing photo updates when things change such as trauma or wear or treatment performed elsewhere. We are of course also doing after photos after performing new treatment on patients.

These are so useful to point out to patients what has changed facially, intraorally and on both soft and hard tissues, for insurance, for consults, for answering phone queries from patients, legally and for marketing in case you or your staff forget to take a before photo the day of treatment. Remember you can always get a get a patient back for another “after” photo, but those “before” photos not taken are missed opportunities.

We will have more tips on photography in dental practice along with many other new practice tips.

NJHPDI Updates: In response to the requests for more cosmetic dentistry courses, we have had and are having many new courses this year and next:

We were very happy after having a new cosmetic course and speaker, Dr Mark Pitel, give his hands on course on “The Art & Science of Direct Anterior and Posterior Esthetic Restorations”. We plan on having Dr Pitel give more courses in 2017 on this and other esthetic subjects. He is quite enthusiastic, comprehensive and extremely knowledgable demonstrated as I watched him present as well as view the many positive comments. Dr Pitel is a Professor of Operative Dentistry at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and the Director of Predoctoral and CDE Esthetics.

We are also having another new hands on cosmetic course in early April with Dr Hugh Flax on “Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry: Principles that Facilitate and Replicate the Smiles of Our Patients”. Dr Flax is a past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. HIs course is on Friday, April 8th.

We are also having Dr Marvin Fier’s “Real Life Restorative Problems: Solve With New Materials and Techniques” in May on Friday the 13th. Dr Fier has a prominent history of teaching cosmetic and restorative dentistry courses around the world. This course will cover a large variety of both techniques and materials.

We also have continued my full day hands on courses, “Photography To Grow Your Practice”, which we had three times in 2015, all sold out courses and again in March several weeks ago. We will be having it again this summer in July. I recommend this course not only for dentists but for both clinical assistants and for dental hygienists! The importance of having your staff very capable and the front line in photography in your practice is in my opinion as or more important than their ability in dental radiography! This is obvious for cosmetics, but it is vital for all areas of dentistry across all specialities!

We are also planning to have Dr Gerald Kugel back this year presenting his superb hands on course on “Porcelain Veneers”. Dr Kugel has given his course here several times over the years (but not in 2015), so we look forward to having him here again for you. Dr Kugel is both a professor and dean at Tufts Dental School in Boston, Massachusetts. and Editor in Chief of Inside Dentistry. Keep a lookout for this course on our website or call Sam for more information the new course date.

We are also happily having Dr Damon Adams, Editor in Chief of Dentistry Today, back again presenting his fantastic course “All Ceramics: The Latest Trends, Topics and Innovations”. This course will be in September on Friday, September 9th. This is a not to miss course to update yourselves on ceramic materials in dental practice! We have many attendees that come back to take this course again to find out what is new and update themselves.

Look out for more News Updates this coming month!

Hope to hear from you and see you soon,

Dr. Kenneth Feiler


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