Oral/IV Sedation Update

From Executive Director, Dr. Kenneth Feiler

April greetings once again to everyone!

In answer to requests for a HANDS ON version of Dr Mel Hawkin’s Oral/IV Sedation course:

– We have changed it now into one fantastic new 7 hour hands on course! 
– And … the Hands On Portion will be done in treatment rooms! 
– What’s more we are offering this soon on SUNDAY (April 17th)
– This course is limited attendance and is now alreadt 2/3 full.

Dr Hawkins has presented many times at NJHPDI over the years to rave reviews.
An international lecturer, Dr Hawkins is one of the top lecturers in dental anesthesiology in both the United States and Canada!!

“Dr. Hawkins is motivated and extremely knowledgeable in technique and subject matter. He also has a great sense of humor.” – Dr. Figueredo, North Bergen, NJ “Dr. Hawkins kept everyone interested in the course from beginning to end.” – Dr. Gilberto Nunez, Kingston, NY
“Best sedation course yet!” – Dr. Mark Scott, Cherry Hill, NJ
For more testimonials and a full course description or to register, go to our website at http://www.njhpdi.com

Hope to hear from you and see you soon,

Dr. Kenneth Feiler


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